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Colosseum Show is another cabaret-theatre in Pattaya, Thailand but on a colossal scale. The Leader of Modern Cabaret Show is being dubbed as Asia’s largest transvestite Cabaret Show. Get a chance to meet the rare talents and astounding beauty of Thai transvestite entertainers in an extravaganza fully equipped with glitzy and glamorous costumes and stylish set designs, top of the range lighting and sound effects.  Colosseum Show is guaranteed to exceed your expectations and provide you with world class entertainment.
In the early stages of build, the sheer size and speed of constructing this massive structure had caught the eye of the media and led many to query as to what exactly the purpose of this building would be.  Initial reports were that possibly the purpose of the building was to make way for a new shopping mall or even a hotel, however upon further inspection the general public soon realized that a brand new cabaret theater would be the newest addition to Thailand’s popular sea-side resort Pattaya; just 1 hours’ drive south of Bangkok’s Suvannahbhumi International Airport.
Colosseum Show’s vision is clear and that is to be an innovative, world class and a unique cabaret show with our mission to complement this world class arena with attentive staff, experienced customer services and professional performers. Our slogan is ‘We Do It Different.’
“We chose to build the Colosseum in this area of Pattaya because of ease of access due to less traffic and wider roads on Tepprasit Rd.” Mr. Mark Black – Sales and Marketing Executive explains.
This big venue has the ability to seat at least 1000 people, over 450 of which are VIP leaving the remaining 600 or more seats in the Deluxe section. The theater is specially designed in a semi-circular fashion so that you can get a clear perspective of the show from every angle.  You can clearly see the show even from our two VIP boxes.
Ticket prices are reasonable, and we will be offering promotions and high rewards to the Tour Operators, Freelance Guides, Hotels and Counter Tour representatives who may want to become part of our incentives program.
Show times are 3 times daily, shows starting from 18:00, 19:30 and lastly at 21:00.
We put deep thought into our modern facility, providing wheel chair access for the disabled, lifts, ramps and even escalators. We have big cafeteria/bar lounges/tour guide & VIP rooms, this is important for tour leaders to relax once their tour groups are watching the show, and is a great opportunity for a cup of coffee, luxury beverages or even some ice-cream.
Transportation is available, anyone inside of Pattaya (i.e. Sukhumvit Road – Between Banglamung police station and Ambassador Hotel) will be charged at 100 baht per person. Anywhere outside of the aforementioned areas may be subject to a minor additional cost.
There is ample parking space in and around the Colosseum. We expect 450 vehicles able to park on the 17 acres of land the building was constructed on.
On the 21st of July 2013 the first Grand Opening show is planned for 18:00 and prior to the show the Mayor of Pattaya will officially open the show with the well known red ribbon ceremony.
Thank you for all of your support and make sure you don’t miss the show…!
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