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New Best Korean Performance in Bangkok!!!

"NANTA, the best Korean performance has taken the world's breath, since 1997"

NANTA is a comic non-verbal musical show derivered from the tranditional Korean instrunmental performance "Samulnori"

With kitchen as its background, knives and other utensils are transformed into musical instruments in the hands of the performers. The chefs thrill the audience with acrobatic cooking shows, a surprise wedding ceremony, and an exciting dumpling challenge.

NANTA has been selected as the most popular show in Korea, drawing the largest number of spectators in Korean stage history.

NANTA was awarded The Best Urban Program in  2009, and is being absolutely recommended as a foreign tourists " Must - See". 

Now over 5,0000,0000 people around the world are enjoying a great time through NANTA.


Non-Verbal Performance
Only through rhythm, beat, and motions, there is no language, or cultural barrier. Everyone can always enjoy the show to the fullest.

Traditional Korean Beat
NANTA combines Korean folk rhythms and modern musical form to create very unique but familiar experience to the international audience. 

NANTA intergrates dramatic stories with various comic scenes not only to create.

Audience Participation
Spectators can participate in the show to double the fun. This is very unique, which only belongs to NANTA.

Show Time
Mon - Sun    :   20:00hr
Weds/Fri/Sat :   17:30hr,  20:00hr
show time is subject to change without notice.

New Show Muay Thai Live :  The Legend Live
at New Theatre Asiatique The Riverfront

Bangkok's Thrilling New Stage Spectacular!

MUAY THAI LIVE: THE LEGEND LIVES tells the untold stories of the origins and heroes of Muay Thai, spanning 300 years, from the past to present day. Come face to face with Muay Thai's greatest heroes, from the Tiger King in Disquise to the Prisoner with Eight Limbs, to the Warrior of Broken Swords, and many more!

Amazing Fights! Amazing Stunts! Amazing Stories!

A must-see show for all ages! Don't leave Bangkok without experiencing it! Performing  LIVE on stage everyday @ 8pm.   Exclusively at THE STAGE, a brand new theatre in the heart of Asiatique The Riverfront, Asia's largest waterfront retail, food and entertainment hotspot!

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